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VDI Australia is a proud Australian family owned business and the Australian Distributor for Yutong vehicles.

Wholly Australian owned and operated

In 2012, Yutong began importing buses from China and quickly achieved a significant market share. research, and customised design.

In 2014, ABC Sales & Maintenance was established in Cairns by the Woodward Family with Barry Henderson leading the team as General Manager. ABC then went on to become the North Queensland Dealer for Yutong Australia.

In 2016, Yutong decided to host its annual APAC Golf Convention in Cairns. This was the first time this has ever been hosted outside of China. During this convention, an agreement to service and support Yutong vehicles nationally was signed, and subsequently, Vehicle Dealers International (VDI) was established. In the same year, VDI became the official Australian distributor of all Yutong Spare Parts.

In 2017, VDI moved forward to manage all Spare Parts Nationally and in 2018, became the National Distributor for Yutong Australia. Despite multiple branches across Australia, VDI remains a locally owned, family-run business, led by Managing Director, Peter Woodward.

Our Team VDI Australia

Peter Woodward

Managing Director

James Gauci

Chief Operating Officer

Jaclyn Woodward

Projects Manager

Lou Riccardi

General Manager

Marion Hudson

Human Resources Manager

Helen Milios

National Compliance and Systems Manager

Brendan Godber

National Aftersales Support and Warranty Manager

Robert McHutchison

National Parts Manager

Luke Edwards

National Service & Technical Manager

Meet Our Sales Team

Sara Clark

National Sales and Marketing Manager

Mike Kennedy

Yutong Bus Centre WA General Manager

Warren Young

National Fleet Sales Manager

Paul Lancaster

QLD Account Manager

Glenn Davidson

NSW Account Manager

Peter Verbrugge

VIC, TAS & SA Account Manager

David Green

Northern QLD Account Manager

Andrew Shuttleworth

Service Manager

Unrivalled in scale and can deliver game changing value

Upon becoming the Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Co. Ltd in 1993, the organisation saw rapid growth. With a strong focus on the export market from 2005 and considerable investment in technologically advanced factories, the company laid the platform for a powerful manufacturing base – allowing it to reach a capacity of more than 400 buses per day.

In doing so, Yutong now leads the world in large and medium-sized bus production, with an average 65,000 buses and coaches delivered to clients every year.

With four modern manufacturing bases, Yutong boasts a market share of more than 32% in China, topping sales charts year after year. Since 2005, Yutong has grown to become one of the world’s major bus and coach suppliers – capturing more than 15% of the global market in just a short time.

Manufacturing includes conventional buses, new energy buses, special vehicles and parts & components – with everything completed onsite, from parts and chassis production to welding, painting and final assembly. In all, Yutong has 15 production lines plus road testing facilities, covering an area of 2,466,000 square meters – the equivalent of nearly 500 football fields!

Tried and Tested

Yutong vehicles are designed and manufactured to stand the test of time. Because Yutong knows that life outside the factory will throw everything at them, Yutong ensures their buses are tested at every stage of the build – to guarantee optimal quality and exceptional longevity. Everything is done to guarantee the final vehicle is of the highest standard and capable of performing in all conditions. 

Crash Test

To be the best, you must prepare for the worst, and Yutong was the first in China’s bus industry to conduct crash tests. Each vehicle is designed for minimal deformation after a crash test, ensuring driver and passenger safety.

Road Simulation

Performed on the whole vehicle, such potentially destructive tests greatly improve the reliability of Yutong vehicles and further reduce maintenance costs.

Rollover Test

Yutong literally goes above and beyond to conduct its rollover tests – with the test tilt angle reaching 42° (National standard is 35°). This ensures vehicles meet all European standards.

All-Terrain Chassis

You need absolute trust in your foundations, which is why Yutong runs a 6-freedom, all-condition simulation of wheels to verify the reliability of the chassis framework, axles, leaf springs, air bags, shock absorbers, anti-roll bars and more.

Parts Fatigue

Yutong has the highest standards for even the smallest of parts, which is why it tests them for durability, fatigue and shock resistance performance on the 6-freedom multi-axis vibration bench.


The Yutong state-of-the-art electrocoating technique greatly improves the anti-corrosion performance and longevity of each bus. Designed and commissioned by the world-renowned Dürr company of Germany, it’s advanced electrocoating line leads the way in its scale and production capacity.

The choice for the future

Investment in technology has been the cornerstone of Yutong’s recent success – in particular its focus on new energy solutions. In 1999, the company developed the first fully electric bus, ushering in a new era of low energy and low emission solutions for 21st century cities. As a result, Yutong new energy buses have become the preferred choice for many European nations including the UK, France, Bulgaria and Denmark as well as Africa, South America, Australia, New Zealand and many other markets. In late 2018, over 100 electric buses were delivered to Chile in a single order.

In 2022, Yutong delivered one of the largest electric bus fleets in the world to Qatar. The 741 Yutong e-buses is the largest single order of electric buses in history, and will be operating in Qatar for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.