Consistent investment into new technology research keeps Yutong ahead of the market

Every year, four percent of the Yutong’s annual turnover is put into the research of state-of-the-art technologies for buses. Yutong not only established the first post-doctoral workstation, the state-level technical centre, the experimental centre and the first National Research Centre on Electronic Control & Safety Engineering Technology of Electric Buses in China’s bus industry, but also possesses a professional Research and Development team of over 3,000 people dedicated to advancing bus technologies.

Yutong Electric Safety System - YESS

One of these research initiatives is YESS, Yutong’s Electric Safety System. Yutong understands that battery and passenger safety is a vital issue for the next generation of electrical buses. This is why our latest EV buses are fitted with our state of the art bus safety technology systems.

Our latest EV buses equipped with YESS come with five new protection systems (Vehicle, System, Battery Pack, Parts and Monitoring) and three improvements (Security, Climate Capability and Road Condition Adaptability). Click below to learn more.