Barker College’s students benefit from CDC Charter’s first zero-emission-bus

Zero-emission buses (ZEB) are the future of school transportation, and after a successful trial of a Yutong battery electric bus last year, CDC Charter invested in its first Yutong battery electric bus and put it into service for Barker College and its students this year.

Environmental Impact and Benefits

VDI National Sales Manager Sara Clark says that at one ride at a time, Barker College is leading the way towards a greener, healthier school environment while shaping a brighter future for the generations to come.

“Electric buses produce zero-emissions at the tailpipe. That cleaner air is not only great for the children on board, but also for the neighbourhood and surrounding community.

“This reduction in environmental pollution, as well as noise pollution, reaps tremendous rewards for children and surrounding communities,” Clark says.

Barker College’s new Yutong C12E operated by CDC Charter

Since its introduction to the Australian market in 2022, the Yutong battery electric C12E has garnered nationwide attention from Australian operators, undergoing multiple trials across the country.

Commitment to Sustainability

“We are delighted to partner with CDC Charter and Yutong to provide our students with a safe, comfortable, and eco-friendly transport option. The electric bus is not only a practical solution for our daily routes, but also a powerful symbol of our commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship,” Head of Barker College, Mr. Phillip Heath AM said.

Like its diesel variant, this 12-metre bus provides a blend of versatility, comfort, and efficiency whilst also providing a quieter, more environmentally sustainable solution that specifically caters to future-focused Australian operators and schools.

“We embrace innovation and continuously seek new and improved ways to advance our business and the broader industry.” Clark says. “This is reflected in our partnership with CATL, the world’s leading provider of electric vehicle batteries, who works closely with Yutong to continuously advance their cutting-edge solutions for electric bus fleets.”

“In partnering with CDC Charter and Yutong, we know they have the care and safety of our students as their first priority.”

– Head of Barker College, Mr Phillip Heath AM

The CATL batteries integrated into this bus have consistently surpassed operator expectations in terms of degradation performance, thanks to their advanced lithium iron phosphate composition.

Utilising Yutong’s multi-million-dollar research and development investments, this bus is equipped with Yutong’s most advanced safety technologies including their five-layer YESS protection system for vehicle, system, battery pack, component and monitoring protection.

Operators like CDC Charter are asking for enhanced battery performance, safety and efficiency, and with our buses powered by CATL, the world’s largest provider of electric vehicle batteries, that’s what they get. As Australia continues its journey towards a more sustainable transportation system, VDI Australia and Yutong stand ready to support operators in embracing the benefits of electric bus fleets.

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