Yutong leads the industry to a new height with the delivery of the 120,000th new energy bus

The development of China’s new energy buses has ushered in a milestone once again.

The Urban Public Transport (China) Summit Forum 2019 was held in Zhengzhou on August 30, 2019. The 120,000th Yutong new energy bus was delivered successfully during the event. It not only marked that Yutong is the first one in the industry whose total sales volume of new energy buses exceeded 120,000 units, verifying Yutong’s strong comprehensive strength once again, but also marked that China’s bus industry entered into the “new era” of new energy buses, setting a new benchmark for the development of the industry.

After more than ten years of development, China has become the country which has the largest annual production and sales volume of new energy vehicles in the world. Meanwhile, it is also the country with the largest annual production and sales volume of new energy buses. Undoubtedly, the greenness has become the inevitable trend of the development of China’s bus industry in the great trend of the times.

In the field of new energy buses, Yutong took the lead to conduct the industrial layout. With the unremitting pursuit of technological innovation, it has led the development of the industry for many years. So far, Yutong has launched energy-saving and new energy products portfolio ranging from 6 meters to 18 meters, and independently developed three generations of vehicle control technology, reaching the international leading level. In addition, Yutong has achieved industry leadership in terms of electric drive control technology, on-board energy management technology, vehicle lightweight, etc.

Thanks to Yutong’s long-lasting effort and its insistence on innovation, Yutong has ultimately made the achievement of exceeding 120,000 units in terms of the total sales volume of new energy buses. It is learned that Yutong new energy buses have not only covered more than 350 cities in China such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, but also have been delivered to 24 countries and regions such as France, UK, Australia, Chile and Denmark with their superior performances.

It is worth mentioning that Yutong launched two new series products at this forum, namely Yutong smart city bus E-series and U-series with brand new appearance. As Yutong’s high-end bus products, they will not only help the industry establish a complete standard system of high-end smart buses for the first time, and but also help China’s development of new energy buses to a new level. 

With 120,000 units as the “good foundation”, Yutong will face the future with a more calm attitude, and continuously improve the experience of mobility with the technological evolution.

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