Three Improvements


Dozens of strict safety tests ensure operational safety

Each bus employs world class lithium iron phosphate batteries that has passed dozens of strict safety tests, including overcharging and over discharging, short circuit, drop impact, puncture, extrusion, heating, vibration, seawater immersion and more.

All battery units fully meet the EU ECE R100 safety test standard


Adapted to perform in a wide range of environments

The equipped ASC protective cover provides the battery with unmatched fire prevention, cold protection, sun and heat insulation. With an efficient liquid cooling and heating system, the vehicle can operate safely in all environments, from freezing temperatures of minus 40 degrees celcius, to the scorching heat of 55 degrees.


The desert, ice fields, basins and mountains, Yutong’s electrical vehicles have demonstrated performance in all climates and road conditions.

From Mount Everest Base Camp, to the Deserts of Dubai, the High colds of Finland, Iceland, Norway and Denmark, and the freezing winters of Kazakhstan, all the way to dense metropolitan areas, Yutong electric vehicles have proven they are capable of adapting to any climate and any road condition.