The Speaker of the House of Republic of Chile

The Chile delegation, headed by Mr. Francisco Encina, speaker of the House of Republic of Chile, visited Yutong on February 20th, accompanied by Zheng Silin, member of Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress and the Deputy Director of the Committee of Foreign Affairs under the National People’s Congress, Li Boshuan, Deputy Director of Henan Provincial Standing Committee of CPC, Bai Hongzhan, secretary of Zhengzhou Municipal Standing Committee of CPC. They were warmly received by Mr. Tang Yuxiang, President of Yutong Group. 

Mr. Qin Yangwen, Vice President of Yutong Group, addressed the welcome speech to the delegation. Accompanied by Mr. Tang, the delegation watched an introductory video of the company, boarded a Yutong bus to visit the industrial park, the newly-built chassis production line and the assembly workshop , and experienced the service in several buses on the show by themselves on the Soaring Square.  

In the course of visit, the President Tang made a brief introduction to Mr. FRANCISCO ENCINA about the production and operation conditions of Yutong Group. The magnificent enterprise scale, modernized production line, beautiful buses on the show, made the delegation exuberant about their visit. When being interviewed by the media, Mr. FRANCISCO ENCINA said, he knew that Yutong was the world’s bus manufacturer, and this visit had provided him with a deeper understanding of Yutong. Impressed by Yutong’s annual output of 30000 units, he said that Chile saw an increasing in demand for buses, and he hoped to see more and more Yutong buses in Chile.

Before the visit came to an end, President Tang presented a Yutong model bus to Mr. FRANCISCO ENCINA, and he hoped that Yutong bus can build a bridge of friendship between the two peoples in Chile and China.

It was reported that the delegation of Mr. FRANCISCO ENCINA was invited by Wu Bangguo, the Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, to visit China, aiming to deepen the friendship between the two peoples, to increase the political mutual trust and to expand the mutual benefit and cooperation.

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