33 Yutong full electric buses delivered to Finland

Recently, 33 Yutong full electric buses were successfully delivered to Helsinki, Finland. The head of the Helsinki state-owned bus operator Pohjolan Liikenne, the head of the Helsinki Transport Bureau, Sun Liwei, Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Finland, the Yutong Bus representative and the Finnish media attended the vehicle launch event.

This is the first time that Yutong has entered the Finnish market and also the first time that Finland has purchased full electric bus in batch, marking that Finland has officially entered the era of full electric buses.

Take Timely Action According to The Timing And Use Chinese Quality to Realize Better Travel in Finland

Located in northern Europe, Finland has about 188,000 lakes thus is known as “country of thousands of lakes”. As one of the most developed countries in Europe, it has become a highly industrialized and liberalized market economy. The people’s quality of life is extremely high; consequently, it ranks first in 2018 World Happiness Report and is the happiest country in the world.

Long-term happiness requires management and guardianship. Finnish public transport is known for its safety, efficiency and green travel.” Our goal is to have 400 full electric buses in Helsinki by 2025.” said Antila, head of Helsinki Transport Bureau at the site of activity.

Alanco, General Manager of Pohjolan Liikenne, expressed in his speech that the full electric bus is a good step towards more pleasant and environmentally friendly public transport.

The introduction of more than 30 full electric buses from Yutong is expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 5 million kilogrammes a year. Although electric buses are more expensive than diesel buses, energy costs are lower than that of diesel.

At the site of activity, Sun Liwei said: “Thanks to Finland for choosing ‘Made in China’ and trusting Chinese brands; the cooperation between China and Finland in the field of public transport will have good prospects in the future.”

Tailored to Boost Finland’s New Path of Development

In fact, “innovation” and “focus” are the most important reasons for China’s Yutong Bus to overcome mountains of difficulties and stand out from the competition with many high-end European brands.

“Innovation” means that Yutong has not used traditional fuel buses to compete with these high-end brands. Instead, it has made breakthroughs with mature and outstanding new energy bus technology; furthermore, “focus” is reflected in the fact that Yutong is good at “tailoring vehicles” to meet individual needs.

Meanwhile, the support of quality service ensures the smooth operation of users.

Then, what “tailor-made” did Yutong have for this batch of full electric vehicles? Fan Youtian, Yutong’s Product Manager, told journalists: “The winter is very cold and long while the summer is mild and short in Finland. 1/3 of the country is within the Arctic Circle.

In response to the climatic characteristics of Finland, Yutong has adjusted the environment adaptability of vehicles, especially focusing on the solution of battery temperature balance and waterproof sealing of vehicles.

Through intelligent temperature control and remote preheating, it ensures normal operation of full electric vehicles in low temperature and humid environment.”

Of course, Finland’s first purchase of Yutong electric buses from China is not an action lacking consideration, but a prudent choice. Before deciding to purchase Yutong full electric bus, the person in charge of the purchaser arrived in Iceland and Yutong factory in Zhengzhou for a site inspection and analysis.

Under the recommendation of Yutong, they went to the domestic cold area to inspect the operation of Yutong full electric buses. Finally, it was unanimous that Yutong full electric buses can fully meet the needs of public transport operation in the Helsinki area.

In an interview with the journalist, the driver said: “I don’t want to switch back to the previous gasoline and diesel buses. After driving in Finland for more than 30 years, I feel this is the most comfortable and gentle bus. I can start the bus by gently stepping on the accelerator and it can run 300 kilometers with a single charge. When running, the bus is so quiet that a special warning bell is needed to remind the passengers that the bus is entering the station.”

The Yutong full electric buses were officially put into operation in Leppavaara and Kerava in Espoo on August 12. It will undoubtedly help Helsinki to build a safer, more convenient, more efficient, more environmentally friendly and more economical public transport system, further enhancing the well-being of residents, and will also promote Helsinki’s unprecedented “new” look and a better future.

Accumulate the Power to Move Forward and Deepen Nordic Market Exploitation With “One Country, One Policy”

Yutong consolidates its power step by step in the Nordic market thus it gained excellence by tactics, victory by quality and success by strategy.

Under the framework of the “Belt and Road” Initiative, Finland is a support point for China’s cooperation with the Baltic as well as China and the Nordic region. After “undertaking” Finland, Yutong will increase its efforts to develop the Nordic market and write “pride of China” in more countries and regions with its strength.

Quality is always the foundation of brand building and even the brand’s going abroad. When Yutong’s excellent products are closely integrated with the “Belt and Road” construction, it will not only bring new driving force for Yutong’s leap-forward development, but also bring new development schemes to “Belt and Road” countries, and furthermore “pave the way” for Chinese enterprises to go abroad.

Therefore, based on stability, Yutong entered the Finnish market to establish a sound brand image with its products and service quality. While increasing its sales volume and market share, Yutong is trying to improve its brand reputation and realize a virtuous circle in Finland, Northern Europe and even overseas markets. In addition, in the Finnish market, Yutong also adopts “one country, one policy” and creates greater value for customers by relying on quality products, adapting to local conditions, quality services, perfect management standards and training, etc.

Up to now, Yutong has sold more than 7,000 vehicles throughout Europe, with products in France, Britain, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Russia and many other countries and regions. In terms of the promotion of new energy buses, Yutong is showing amazing explosiveness and stamina.

The full electric bus orders in Iceland, Denmark, or Finland are absolutely groundbreaking, which not only fully reflects Yutong’s intensive cultivation and accumulated development of overseas markets over the years, but also demonstrates the compatibility and comprehensive adaptability of Yutong’s full electric bus to overseas market demand.

In the future, Yutong will continue to explore overseas markets with an inclusive mind and forward-looking pattern to provide “Chinese wisdom” and “Chinese Programme” for global ecological civilization construction.

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