200 Yutong new energy buses to be operated in China’s “city of ice”

Recently, another 200 Yutong intelligent new energy city buses will be put into operation in Harbin, capital city of China’s northeastern Heilongjiang province and deemed as “the city of ice”, which will convey more confidence for the sustainable development of Chinese new energy buses.

It is learned that this batch of vehicles was purchased by Harbin Transportation Group Public Transport Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Harbin PT”) with the World Bank loan via bidding procedure. In the fierce competition, Yutong’s 12-meter plug-in gas-electric hybrid city bus stood out with its superior performance. Now, the vehicles are under production and will be delivered and put into operation in Harbin in mid-December this year.

In October 2012, Harbin became the first batch of “Demonstrion City of the Public Transport” in China. After years of construction, Harbin has gradually set up the integrated modern public transport system, which took BRT as the framework and conventional bus lines as the main body.

Yutong buses, as always, are the main force to enhance Harbin’s rapid development of public transport. From conventional diesel buses to new energy buses, Yutong has been helping the upgrade of Harbin’s green transport all the time. Early in 2010, Yutong established the cooperation with Harbin PT. In 2012, 80 units of Yutong first-generation non-plug-in hybrid buses were put into operation, and their operation status has been staying good till now with remarkable energy-saving result. So far, there are totally over 600 Yutong new energy buses in Harbin, providing local citizens with comfortable, safe, convenient and environmentally friendly modes of mobility, and are well received by the public.

200 units are really a big order in the field of new energy bus area. Excellent anti-low temperature technology, stable and reliable quality of whole vehicles, and good reputation among customers are Yutong’s key to success in tapping the Harbin market of new energy buses. 

According to the introduction of Zhu Yunbo, who is in charge of the sales in Harbin city from the Yutong company, these 12-meter hybrid buses have adopted “Yutong solution for cold area”, which could easily deal with the extremely cold weather in Northeastern China.       

Regarding to safety performance, Yutong new energy buses have achieved 3S+ safety upgrade, namely monitoring safety upgrade, wading safety upgrade and collision safety upgrade. In terms of battery energy, Yutong hybrid buses adopt composite energy scheme combining super capacitor and lithium batteries together, which can take full use of complementary advantages and extend the driving range.

It is worth mentioning that the energy saving rate of these new energy vehicles can reach up to 60% while the exhaust emissions are almost zero after the application of system configuration improvement, whole vehicle lightweight, integrated five-in-one controller, electric transformation of accessory system, composite brake system, etc., providing a safe, efficient, reliable and low-carbon transportation solution for the city. 

In mid-December, it will be the coldest time in Harbin and the lowest temperature can be even as low as minus 30 degrees Celsius. However, Harbin PT is full of confidence in the normal operation of these new energy vehicles. In their viewpoint, the quality of Yutong buses is trustworthy, because both the Yutong conventional diesel buses and the Yutong new energy buses they purchased in the past years have withstood the test of cold weather and achieved very good operational results. Therefore, they believe that the operational effect of this batch of vehicles will be no exception.

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